Team Coaching: Sikkhona and Bridge, a look inside to get better results outside.

“The lack of confidence reduces agility and productivity of processes and increases costs. Teamwork must build trust, and trust builds effectiveness.”

                                               Stephen Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”


In the hotel factory we accompany our clients in the implementation of their projects and strategies. Projects are implemented by people, and that is why we are focusing on team coaching.

We are certified in Sikkhona and Bridge, two tools that facilitate communication between team members, in order to continue building trust, necessary to truly be effective and interdependent.

What are Sikkhona and Bridge?

They are  practical tools that facilitates a space of communication between people and facilitates teamwork in a more effective way.

Sikkhona provides a set of dynamics and tools designed to stimulate communication among group members, to deal positively with conflicts and to grow in trust and cohesion.

Bridge is a retational style model that identifies four different communication styles -earth, fire, air and water- in which we can all be framed and that represent very different ways of communicating and relating to others.

The creators of Sikkhona and Bridge are Ferran Ramón-Cortés and Alex Galofre, co-founders of Instituto de Comunicación.

I was lucky to work with Alex at CCL (Center for Creative Leadership). We both co-facilitated leadership programs and team coaching. That is how I discovered the method created by them.

There are many tools for relational diagnoses and behaviors in the market (DISC, Insights..) and what Sikkhona and Bridge provide is a very practical approach, easily transferable the the day-to-day life of the teams, with practical tools aimed at improving effectiveness

You have to bring people back together and get them to look each other and talk to each other”, says Ferrán Ramón-Cortés.

Sikkhona, Bridge and The Hotel Factory

We are certified in the tools and work closely with the founders. We are positive that is one of our main proposals within our specility in Training and Coaching, following our commitment to develop in people a change in attitudes, promote new styles of leadership and ways of working.

Why can Sikkhona and Bridge help your business?

Because poor relations and lack of communication within the workforce generate “dysfunctions” that can lead to a loss of competitiveness due to mistrust and lack of motivation of team members.

Because we often focus more on the outside than on the inside, in serving the client than in analyzing our internal processes. And, in fact, those internal processes are the ones that bring effectiveness and impact on our client… That “look inside”, that checking on  how we are and what we can do to improve, should not only be done “when things go wrong”, but also “when things go well”.

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