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the hotel factory presents their new line of Training & Coaching with the incorporation of Olga Milián

the hotel factory seeks to continue evolving and improving its services, offering a greater diversity of projects so that its clients reach higher limits. It is for this reason that recently, the hotel factory has incorporated Olga Milian Peña as Associate Director in the new line Training & Coaching.

Olga has extensive experience in five departments (Housekeeping, F & B, Reception, Reserves and Human Resources) of five large luxury hotel chains (The Ritz Carlton Hotel Co., The Stein Group, Dolce International, Jumeirah Group and the Ritz Barcelona hotel), in five different countries (Spain, USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Belgium). He has also specialized in the opening of new hotels and the training and development of managers and teams, being a professional coach accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and senior trainer with CCL (Center for Creative Leadership).

As in all the products and services provided by the hotel factory, our new approach to training & coaching will be based on the implementation of strategic vision, innovation aligned with the new market trends and service culture.

Finally, and to conclude with this article, we have a brief interview with Olga so that you get to know her better.

THF: Tell us a little about yourself.

I consider myself as being a vocational hospitality professional. I have enjoyed and learned from each and every job opportunity I have had in this exciting industry. I have worked in five different departments in five different countries and have had the good fortune to learn from five prestigious luxury hotel chains. I think that what more satisfies me is to get the best potential of the people who have worked with me. I am proud to have seen them grow personally and professionally. That is why I have ended up dedicating myself to training and coaching.

THF: Why is training and coaching so important? How can it help hotel companies?

Our industry needs to continue evolving towards excellence in service culture. At all levels, in technical skills and interpersonal skills. Our professionals need to develop more competencies related to emotional and cultural intelligence, which contribute to give more value to the client and impact on business results. Training and coaching are two key tools to develop the potential of our professionals and help them achieve their goals.

THF: How is the new approach to training and coaching for hotels that you want to develop with THF?

We want to develop a new approach whose purpose is to implement the strategy of the different projects we develop for our clients through training and coaching. In this way we want to ensure the achievement of the objectives through the commitment of the people that make up the teams in charge of that implementation.

THF: How do you see tourism today?

Tourism is a changing social, cultural and economic phenomenon, although it responds to a universal need: the search of wellness. Changes that become a more demanding and segmented reality. We need technological resources and higher top performance level teams to respond to this transformation.

THF: How did you meet the hotel factory? What is the first word that comes to mind when we talk about the hotel factory?

I arrived to Mallorca in 2011 with Jumeirah Group, joining the opening project of the Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa. I started following the hotel factory through the networks. Its articles and publications about the projects they developed and news of the sector, seemed very interesting to me and helped me to catch up. Also, I had references of the professionalism of the THF team through my hotel network in the island.

THF: How do you see this new step in your career with the hotel factory?

Like a gift !! It’s a great opportunity. Being part of a professional team such the hotel factory makes me happy. For me, the hotel factory team is an example of professionalism and humility. I think it’s a fantastic learning opportunity for me, and where I can contribute from my experience in the sector and my specialization as a trainer and coach.

THF: Anything else that you would like to tell us? Are you ready to start?

I really want to start! I feel already welcomed and proud to belong to a young and professional team with a commitment for the interests of our clients.

If you want to know more about Olga or the rest of the the hotel factory’s team, do not hesitate to visit our team tab or look for us on linkedIn where you can also find our posts about the latest news in the hotel industry.


New internship as analyst at the hotel factory: Pilar Troncoso

the hotel factory continues growing, not only in new and interesting projects, but also in regards to its team. We always have candidates who come to our company to do internships relating to their degree of studies or university master thanks to the various university agreements that we have signed with universities throughout the Spanish territory as well as internationally.

Therefore, as we usually do, we have asked the people who are doing their internships with us to tell us something more about themselves, their studies and their experience with us.

Today we introduce to you Pilar Troncoso Castillo; an MBA in International Hotel and Tourism Management, student at the Vatel International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and that he just started his internship with us.

THF: Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Where are you from? What are you studying?

I was born in Barcelona but I moved to Madrid two years later to start my scholarship in a small french school. I am studying an MBA in International Hotel management with a major in Finance. I am doing my internship in The Hotel Factory to finish my studies.

THF: Why did you decide to study this?

Since I was a child I’ve always loved gastronomy, travelling, great customer service, meet new cultures which is why Hotel Management & Tourism was the most appropriate choice for me. Since the beginning I have been able to participate as a trainee in numerous hotels and tourism companies where great professionals have taken the time to teach me and welcome me in this amazing industry. An industry constantly changing which is why we must be participants of the new changes and keep offering the best.

THF: How did you come to know about the hotel factory? What caught your attention?

I have met The Hotel Factory because of the job fairs organised by my university, Vatel International School of Hospitality. What caught my attention was the numerous projects done not only in Spain but also in many other countries.

THF: What was your impression when you met us for the first time during the interview?

Since the beginning I saw that The Hotel factory is a serious, formal and professional but close company. During my first interview I could perfectly see this is a company who cares about knowing their future employees.

THF: Now that you have seen first hand the kind of work that we do here, is it what you expected of a hotel consultant?

After my first month I can truly say that working in a hotel consultant has fulfilled my expectations. The team and the work dynamic made me feel part of the team since the beginning. The projects are highly interesting so I am able to learn more than I could imagine.

THF: What do you like the most about this job?

What I like the most is the team. Since my arrival everyone in the team welcomed me, made me feel comfortable, and help me start learning how the hotel consultant business works.

THF: What type of projects have you worked on during your months with us? Do find them interesting?

I am currently working in a conceptualization of a resort hotel. Joining the company in one of the initial phases of the project let me learn the methodology used and help me understand the importance of every little detail to accomplish the objective.

THF: What you would say to all the students who want to work as an intern? What reasons would you give for them to choose the hotel factory?

Numerous people told me that consultant are great places to learn and now that I am working on the business I can legitimately say that is true. In addition, the fact that they have accomplished many successful projects makes them the perfect place to grow in this amazing industry.

If you’d like to know more about her and the rest of the team at the hotel factory do not hesitate to check our team tab on our website or look for us on LinkedIn, where you can also find the latest updates about us and the hotel sector.


New internship as analyst at the hotel factory: Lucía Cuellas

the hotel factory continues growing, not only in new and interesting projects, but also in regards to its team. We always have candidates who come to our company to do internships relating to their degree of studies or university master thanks to the various university agreements that we have signed with universities throughout the Spanish territory as well as internationally.

Therefore, as we usually do, we have asked the people who are doing their internships with us to tell us something more about themselves, their studies and their experience with us.

Today we introduce to you Lucía Cuellas Catón; an MBA in International Hotel and Tourism Management, student at the Vatel International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and that he just started his internship with us.

THF: Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Where are you from? What are you studying?

I was born in Vitoria, but I moved into Madrid when I was kid. I am currently studying an MBA in  International Hotel & Tourism Management in Vatel Madrid. These past years I have been taking my studies while doing several internships internationally. Last summer I had the opportunity to complete my academic background by doing an internship in a travel agency in Bali.

I am currently doing my internship in the hotel factory, where I am being able to keep on learning and growing professionally.

THF: Why did you decide to study this?

I decided to study tourism because it combines all the things I enjoy: travelling, discovering new cultures, innovation, technology, sustainability… all of this adding to the fact that this is a very changing and dynamic industry.

I believe this industry is experiencing a non stop growth where there are changes and innovations happening on a daily basis. This dynamic nature makes tourism the least monotonous industry. It is a fascinating yet demanding job due to the constant evolution of the industry, making it vital to stay updated and aware of the international context.

Nonetheless, tourism has a key role in sustainability matters. It is a leading industry when it comes to taking action on building a more sustainable future. Global awareness of this matters is increasing at a steady pace, which is why companies are working more and more on reducing their environmental footprint. This is why I am very glad to be able to contribute to the cause in the hotel factory by implementing more sustainable strategies in the hotel industry.

THF: How did you come to know about the hotel factory? What caught your attention?

I got to know the hotel factory through a tourism forum organised by my university. What first caught my attention was the wide variety of projects and destinations the company had been involved in. I was also very interested in their way of approaching projects, working in teams  of very diverse backgrounds.

However, what attracted me the most was my colleges experiences. I had very encouraging feedback which led me to think this would be the perfect place to keep on learning and growing professionally.

THF: What was your impression when you met us for the first time during the interview?

During the interview I got to see for myself all I could have researched about the company. This first contact allowed me to know the hotel factory more in detail thanks to their welcoming and professional approach which showed me how committed they are in the whole training process of the internship.

THF: Now that you have seen first hand the kind of work that we do here, is it what you expected of a hotel consultant?

I first started the internship with very high expectations as it was an opportunity I was looking forward to make the most out of. Since day one I have been able to participate actively in diverse projects. I have felt very welcome by the team and part of it since the beginning, being able to suggest ideas and seeing how projects take shape. All in all, I can already say they have exceeded my expectations.

THF: What do you like the most about this job?

I definitely enjoy the teamwork environment in which we share ideas, previous experiences… Regardless of being on an internship, I feel very involved in the projects, being able to participate from the beginning and always with my colleges support. Thus, I am learning more here than I could have imagined initially.  

THF: What type of projects have you worked on during your months with us? Do you find them interesting?

Over my first month I have had the opportunity to work on several projects. Lately I have been mainly working in benchmarking studies. I have been studying best practices from reference hotels in order to develop, according to these examples, the hotel conceptualization. It is very impressive seeing how, after gathering the valuable information about these reference hotels, the conceptualization starts taking shape taking the best practices from each of the hotels researched.

THF: What you would say to all the students who want to work as an intern? What reasons would you give for them to choose the hotel factory?

If they seek for a place to keep on learning in a dynamic environment, the hotel factory is the perfect choice. In only a month I have been able to work and learn about positioning, conceptualization, benchmarking… and I keep on learning every day along with a team who brings out the best in yourself.

If you’d like to know more about her and the rest of the team at the hotel factory do not hesitate to check our team tab on our website or look for us on LinkedIn, where you can also find the latest updates about us and the hotel sector.



New promotions at the hotel factory: Marina Casasnovas

The hotel factory continues growing, not only in new and interesting projects, but also regarding to its own team. In the last month two new promotions have been made among the staff who was already part of the team of the hotel factory

Therefore, as we usually do, we have asked the people who have received this promotion to tell us something more about themselves, not only their studies or professional experience, which you can always find information about with the rest of the team of the hotel factory at our website, but also more personal questions.

Today we would like to introduce you to Marina Casasnovas Janer  our new senior consultant from our office in Madrid since last March.

THF: Tell us a bit about yourself, a summary of how you got here.

Although I’m working in Madrid office I’m from Mallorca, I came to study Business Administration 8 years ago and I’ve stayed here. I met the hotel factory thanks to the master’s degree I did at IE Business School. I started my internship in the office of the hotel factory in Palma as soon as I finished the master, soon after I moved to Madrid as a junior consultant and now I just promoted to senior, which I am very happy with.

THF: Now we come to the questions. What do you like the most about the hotel factory and which is the first word that comes to mind when we talk about the company?

I would say commitment. Commitment for a well done work, for work that provides value to the client. Commitment in all the steps of the chain to make the final work perfect.

THF: How do you feel about your promotion to senior consultant?

Very happy. I am excited about what this new challenge entails. I hope to satisfy the expectations and continue to grow professionally with the company.

THF: Your greatest weakness, what can’t you resist?

My greatest weakness is at the same time my greatest passion. I can’t resist any travel proposal. From weekend getaways to longer trips. I love discovering new cities and new corners of the world geography.

THF: With what do you disagree?

The lateness. I’m a very punctual person in all aspects of my life and I can’t stand when people are not and I have to wait.

THF: What do you like to do during your free time, do you practice any sport?

I like to get lost in the city walking or having a drink with my friends. I practice boxing, but in sack, very useful after a long day of work.

THF: Books or films, coffee or tea, and why?

If I have to choose between books or movies, I choose movies, although I am definitely addicted to the series, I get hooked very easily. And certainly coffee, with milk and very hot for those moments of sleep

THF: Any secret you would like to share with us?

I am a little manic of cleanliness, my colleagues in the office can give proof of this; I can get a little intense, but I think it’s basic for coexistence.

THF: What was your last trip?

Brussels and Bruges. I gave it to my mother because she desire a trip mother and daughter. I was surprised by both cities, it is a good destination for a weekend getaway.

THF: Something that scares you.

Heights. I have panic since I was very small, and I think that as I grew up I got worse.

THF: How do you get energy for your day to day life?

Disconnecting a lot on weekends and trying to find fun moments during the week after the office, either going to the cinema or having dinner with my friends.

THF: What would you say to yourself 5 years ago?

That the good is about to come. Do not be overwhelmed and always be herself, that all effort then has its reward.

And here ends our little interview. If you want to know more about her and the rest of the team members of the hotel factory, don’t hesitate to visit the Team tab on our website or look for us on LinkedIn where you can also find latest news of the hotel sector.


the hotel factory visits the 13th Forum of Employment of the UIB

This past Wednesday 13th of March the 13º Forum of Employment of the UIB was held in Palma de Mallorca, in the building Arxiduc Lluis Salvador, of the University of the Balearic Islands. This important event brings together national, multinational companies, Human Resources departments and Head Hunters who attend the event with the aim of incorporating professionals to their current or future selection processes.

In this way, the companies and entities that attend the event announce their policies of open or future processes, professional development in the company, their activity and corporate culture. And so, students of the UIB Degrees and Masters could present their candidacy directly to the people responsible for selecting and attracting talent to the companies and entities that attended to the 13th Forum of Employment of the UIB.

Up to 86 companies participated in the event this year and hundreds of students registered to present their candidacies in the respective jobs offered. the hotel factory has attended this event and we can say that it has been a success. We have been able to see in firsthand the interest that our work and our company cause among the participants of the event.

We have answered many questions about our company, our projects and the experience or studies needed to integrate in our team. Over 40 curriculums have been submitted and we have been able to approach the rest of the participating companies that attended the Forum.

Now is the time to review all these new curriculums and find the candidates who fulfill the profiles we are currently looking for to be the next members of the hotel factory team.

Finally, we would like to thank the UIB for giving the hotel factory the opportunity to participate in this magnificent event. We hope to be able to repeat this experience next year and to further improve our relationship with the University of the Balearic Islands as well as with its students.





Promotion of new team leaders at the hotel factory

The last month of January has been really important for us and it is because we have no just participate in the third Vision Tour, organised in Madrid, where all the team met to discuss about the last year’s top projects and the forthcoming new projects and company’s objectives. Additionally we could visit together FITUR 2019 where we could seen the last tourism tendences in Spain and the rest of the world. Furthermore to establish contact and reinforce the relationship with our clients.

Additionally to those points, during our meeting reviewing last year’s top successful projects and the 2019 strategy, another important new for the whole team was unveiled as it reinforces our growing and learning plan for the hotel factory members. And this new is the promotion of two members of our team for their performance; organising, working and leading every project in the Palma office. This way we join to the congratulation to Cristina Rosselló Villalonga and Jessica Noceras Anderson for their new promotion to team leader at Palma office.

Taking advantage of this occasion, we approached and talked with them about this new promotion and some other topics:

THF: First of all, congratulations, ¿how do you feel with this new promotion?

CRV: Thank you very much, I feel excited for this new challenge and grateful for the opportunity given to us.

JNA: Thank you very much, I am pleased that they provided to us this opportunity to manage teams, projects, and keep developing ourselves professionally together with the company.

THF: This is the third year that Vision Tour is done and you participate. Which is your opinion?

CRV: Since the company has two offices, the Vision Tour is always a great event because it allows that both offices know each other personally. Furthermore, the Vision Tour usually has two important attributes: an open air activity that reinforce the teamwork, so important in our company, and the visit to a hotel that we have worked in its concept; being a pride moment for all of us.

JNA: I think is a good initiative as it allows us to know the team in another ambience, have fun together and, at the same time, improve the teamwork. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the hotel factory and its goals, reinforcing the company’s culture.

THF: ¿And how about the FITUR visit with all the team?

CRV: I believe it is a great opportunity to know the sector. During all over the year we try that all team members at the hotel factory, from the interns to the partners, visit hotels, attend meetings to be well informed about the sector and the last tendences. ¡So to have the opportunity to see everything in one day it seems to me a great experience!

JNA: It is really important that all team members have curiosity, a global vision and be informed about the last sector tendences to contribute the maximum value to our clients, so the attendance to international fair trades as FITUR is the key to know the main and emerging companies and innovations into the sector.

THF: Beside this great new that was your promotion, other topics at the meeting were the successful projects from the last year and the new strategy for the 2019. Which have been the points that stand out?

CRV: The constant company’s evolution. This year we have developed new project types, traveled and developed projects in new destinations. Additionally the team has grown a lot, when I started we were just 7 employees, without counting the partners, nowadays we are 20.

JNA: The most standing out point is the eagerness that the hotel factory has to always improve and learn regarding recruitment, its consultants training, services portfolio and new work methodologies. And to accomplish this goal they take really seriously the proposals of all their team members.

And this is how far this short interview would cover. We could not farwell without congrat again our two new team leaders and invite all our readers to visit and know more about our team members at the hotel factory, visiting our tab Team or search us on LinkedIn where you could find us and the latest news of the hospitality sector.


Wanderlust III – Madrid 2019

For the third year in a row, the hotel factory; partnering with Borbalán and Passion & Gastronomy and with Caixabank as a host, has organized one of the largest events taking place in Madrid during FITUR week, Wanderlust 2019.

Wanderlust means passion for travelling, and as professionals in the tourism industry, we are compelled to pass on this feeling to others. Thus the main goal of the event was to create a common ground for networking amongst professionals, owners and tourism corporate managers, while dining on an exclusive menu and having fun simultaneously.

This year’s event has taken place at the newly opened Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar, with stunning views over the iconic Plaza de España, Royal Palace and Casa de Campo. The venue was exclusively set for the guests attending the event on the evening of January 23rd.

The theme for the 2019 event wanted to honor the greatest tourism visionaries and was set around different decades between the 70’s and the future. Upon entering Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar, guests were accessing a time machine that led them straight to the 70’s. Every 30 minutes a decade went by, and in each one the music and drinks were prepared according to the decade, making its way until today.

The experiences lived throughout the event will be remembered until next year, thanks to the team of professional entertainers that took care of the evening. They were in charge of guiding each guest throughout the event: starting with a welcome drink served straight out of a laboratory test tube and going straight to a themed photocall with the options of dressing up with costumes from the 70’s and 80’s.
During the event, the team dared all guests to take part in easy challenges and if they succeeded and got their “Wanderlust passport” stamped, a surprise gift awaited them when leaving the event. Additionally, the event had an elaborate menu prepared exclusively by Ginkgo with a wide variety of food served by its team of professionals as well as a live band playing all night

During the event, all guests had the opportunity to take pictures at the photocall, either alone or accompanied by the entertainment team.

As a closing performance of the event, the lights were dimmed at Ginkgo Restaurant and a batukada group performed with drums the music representing the future. The musicians were dressed in black with bright lights across their suits, that changed colors as the show went on.

To conclude, we would like to thank all the companies that collaborated with the event: Caixabank, IHP International Hospitality Projects, Construye Capital, Cuatrecasas, ST Sociedad de Tasación, La Caixa Comercia Global Payments, JCI and Maxxium.

We hope to be able to share with all of you this wonderful experience again and look forward to seeing you in next year’s Wanderlust!


A new approach to the mystery guest

As we talked in one of our previous posts “The mystery guest, an excellent tool, in order, to improve the online reputation”, the improvement of customer satisfaction generates a high impact on the main economic variables of a hotel such as ADR, occupation, RevPAR … and one of the tools that the hotel factory offers to achieve it is the mystery guest.

However, the mystery guest is a very versatile tool that goes beyond helping to increase the satisfaction of our customers, since it plays an important role in quality control. In this context, it can be very useful for those hotel chains whose executive managers wish to keep strict control over the implementation of their hotel strategies, generally in those cases where, due to structural reasons of the organization, decisions are made by managers who in their day to day they are not in touch with what happens inside their establishments.

Therefore, at the hotel factory we have developed our own methodology, which allows us to perform an effective analysis of the quality of the hotel services and customer service by:

  • Identification and selection of the best profile of our mystery guest that perfectly suits the project.

  • Definition of a detailed action plan that will be carried out during the mystery guest.

  • Definition of questions and key situations that your employees must face and allow us to measure the quality of services.

  • Identification of the weak points to improve and the strengths to take profit of them.

  • Creation of an improvement plan for the guest experience.

  • We help to implement a more efficient management of resources.

To do this, our professional team makes a quality control audit of the different services:

  • Hotel’s reservation and reception process.
  • Condition, disposition and cleaning of the facilities.
  • F&B services (Breakfast, restaurant, bar …)
  • Customer service: kindness, predisposition and professionalism of the staff.
  • Other services available at your hotel.

At the hotel factory, we believe that the mystery guest is one of the fastest and most effective tools to control the quality of the hotel services, and therefore, improve customer satisfaction, which will not only determine the decision of the clients at the time to choose between one establishment or another, but also the increase of the GOP of your establishment.


the hotel factory Vision Tour III – Madrid 2019

2018 has come to an end and now it is time to look back and analyze everything that has happened during the last year; new customers, new destinations, innovations made in our projects and new additions to the team.

For this reason, Vision Tour was held for the third year in a row, this time in Madrid, one of the destinations with more tourism growth previsions for the forthcoming years, taking advantage of the most important tourism fair in Spain, FITUR 2019 and Wanderlust 2019 event organized by the hotel factory, Borbalán and Passion & Gastronomy; with CaixaBank as host.

During this outdoor interpersonal relationships were prioritized to improve teamwork skills, communication and the integration of the entire team in the knowledge of new strategies and changes in the company’s future.

Visit to the new office in Madrid.

The III Vision Tour 2019 was inaugurated by presenting the new Madrid office, located on Gran Vía, 59, to the Palma team. Due to the recent incorporations in the hotel factory, a presentation of the new members of the team was made where there was a first contact with the workmates.

Gymkhana in “Madrid de los Austrias”

After the presentations, one of the funniest activities of the day was held with the Gymkhana that Natalia Parejo, from Dreams & Adventures, organized for us to explore each of the corners of “Madrid de los Austrias”.

Competitiveness, strategy and effectiveness were some of the skills that were put into practice during this activity, and thanks to which all teams successfully beat much of the tests that were proposed. During the activity, the participants had to meet all kinds of challenges, from guessing the riddles that Madrid hides to making a Flash Mob in the Plaza Mayor, and all in the shortest possible time

Congratulations to the winning team, whose members were able to demonstrate their abilities with greater skill!


Lunch at the BiBo restaurant by Dani García

It is said that every effort has its reward, so after 3 hours of Gymkhana there was no better reward for all than enjoying a gastronomic experience in the BiBo restaurant managed by the famous Michelin star chef Dani García, who last year amazed us with his creations in Wanderlust event and which delighted us with a menu of seven exceptional dishes that did not leave anyone indifferent. There was also the award ceremony of the Gymkhana, which managed to sweeten the victory of the winning team with a rich assortment of Macarons from “La Mallorquina” pastry shop.

2018 Successes, 2019 Vision and strategic plan 2016-2020

During the afternoon, the partners made a presentation of the 2018 trajectory, reviewing the innovative projects in which they have participated, new clients and great successes of the year. Finishing the meeting with the explanation of the next steps to be followed in 2019 and let the consultants present their questions and concerns to the management team and encouraging the contributions of the same.

Visit and dinner at the Barceló Imagine hotel

There was no better way to close the day than to witness one of the projects with the greatest impact of the hotel factory, the first musical hotel in Madrid: Barceló Imagine .

The hotel management made a guided tour of the rooms and facilities of the hotel, where we could contemplate each of the musical attributes that it houses inside: the piano on the floor at the reception, the theming of each floor according to different music styles, the arrangement of musical instruments in the room, the vinyl record player at the request of the guest and even the thematization of the suites that tribute to great music stars. Thanks to its musical theme and the personalization of each of the rooms, the hotel makes the experience of each guest unique.

To end the visit, the hotel delighted us with a magnificent dinner in the restaurant, where the hotel factory continued the debate on the next steps and improvements for 2019 to accomplish factors such as the satisfaction of our customers, the reputation of the company and the teamwork remain at the top of the consulting standards.


In conclusion, it was an intense day and very entertaining for the team, but this was just the beginning of everything. The next day was the big premiere, as for the first time the whole team of the hotel factory visited the most important tourism fair held in Madrid and Spain, FITUR 2019. Stay tuned to our blog, because in the next post we tell you in detail everything lived and the main key findings obtained at the fair.


the hotel factory visits FITUR 2019

As we talked about in the previous post “the hotel factory Vision Tour III – Madrid 2019“, the hotel factory team travelled to Madrid for the celebration of the most important tourism fair in Spain, FITUR 2019. Our attendance at the event symbolised something very important for our company since it was the first time that all the hotel factory’s team attended FITUR. The fair gave us the opportunity to meet the latest worldwide tourism trends and to improve our business relationships.

On this occasion, FITUR celebrated its 39th edition from the 23th to the 27th of January, and obtained a new record of participation in its most international edition. The fair had an 8,9% increase compared to the last edition, with the participation of 886 regular exhibitors and 10.487 companies from 165 countries and regions.

Sustainability, specialisation and technological progress were the main aspects which set the tone of this edition, and which will become the guidelines to design development strategies for the tourism sector.

A sample of sustainability was the Iberostar stand, where plastic containers were conspicuous by their absence and even the uniforms of staff were made from recycled plastic materials. Thus, the company has been positioned in 2018 as the first hotel chain in Spain with plastic-free rooms and plans to remove single use plastics in all its hotels by 2020.

In terms of specialisation, FITUR 2019 focuses on several segments of cultural tourism such as Cinema and Festivals. In this aspect, screen tourism has brought a chilling figure of 80 million international travelers who choose their destination based on movies and television series they have seen. There are more and more tourists who want to recreate themselves in the scenes by traveling to the destinations where their favorite series or movies have been recorded. Thanks to The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, destinations as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Croatia or Ireland experienced this record.

On the other hand, music tourism is also a powerful driver of tourism and this is supported by almost 2 million people who travelled to attend to 10 of the Spanish music festivals. For this reason, FITUR has launched its own festival, FITUR ES MÚSICA, with the aim of adding value to the cultural scene in Madrid.

LGTB tourism has boosted its presence at FITUR due to the increasing number of tourists it moves, who nowadays represent 10% of tourists worldwide. As a result, one more time FITUR has a section dedicated to this group. This year, FITUR Gay was one of the sections with greater consolidation and representation due to the increase in the internationalisation of the main destinations and companies, as well as the large number of speeches and presentations that took place during the day.

Equally, technology has also been present at the fair, revealing some spoilers of the new hotel concepts that will take place in the future and showing us the latest advances which make guest experience better. Some samples of what is yet to come are the interactive mirrors that detect emotions of the client and thus offer personalised services; the domotisation of the rooms to personalise them through music, aromas and lighting; the intelligent mattresses that analyse the quality of sleep and offer recommendations on how to improve rest; and even televisions that go above and beyond and allow the customer to interact with the hotel. A good example of this was Meliá Hotels, who presented the tech room, a 100% technological room that allows guests to customise their elements according to their preferences.

In short, FITUR 2019 has allowed the hotel factory’s team to experience first-hand the latest tourism trends, which will serve us as a source of inspiration for future projects and, of course, has given us the opportunity to improve the relationship with both old and new customers.