Vision Tour


Promotion of new team leaders at the hotel factory

The last month of January has been really important for us and it is because we have no just participate in the third Vision Tour, organised in Madrid, where all the team met to discuss about the last year’s top projects and the forthcoming new projects and company’s objectives. Additionally we could visit together FITUR 2019 where we could seen the last tourism tendences in Spain and the rest of the world. Furthermore to establish contact and reinforce the relationship with our clients.

Additionally to those points, during our meeting reviewing last year’s top successful projects and the 2019 strategy, another important new for the whole team was unveiled as it reinforces our growing and learning plan for the hotel factory members. And this new is the promotion of two members of our team for their performance; organising, working and leading every project in the Palma office. This way we join to the congratulation to Cristina Rosselló Villalonga and Jessica Noceras Anderson for their new promotion to team leader at Palma office.

Taking advantage of this occasion, we approached and talked with them about this new promotion and some other topics:

THF: First of all, congratulations, ¿how do you feel with this new promotion?

CRV: Thank you very much, I feel excited for this new challenge and grateful for the opportunity given to us.

JNA: Thank you very much, I am pleased that they provided to us this opportunity to manage teams, projects, and keep developing ourselves professionally together with the company.

THF: This is the third year that Vision Tour is done and you participate. Which is your opinion?

CRV: Since the company has two offices, the Vision Tour is always a great event because it allows that both offices know each other personally. Furthermore, the Vision Tour usually has two important attributes: an open air activity that reinforce the teamwork, so important in our company, and the visit to a hotel that we have worked in its concept; being a pride moment for all of us.

JNA: I think is a good initiative as it allows us to know the team in another ambience, have fun together and, at the same time, improve the teamwork. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the hotel factory and its goals, reinforcing the company’s culture.

THF: ¿And how about the FITUR visit with all the team?

CRV: I believe it is a great opportunity to know the sector. During all over the year we try that all team members at the hotel factory, from the interns to the partners, visit hotels, attend meetings to be well informed about the sector and the last tendences. ¡So to have the opportunity to see everything in one day it seems to me a great experience!

JNA: It is really important that all team members have curiosity, a global vision and be informed about the last sector tendences to contribute the maximum value to our clients, so the attendance to international fair trades as FITUR is the key to know the main and emerging companies and innovations into the sector.

THF: Beside this great new that was your promotion, other topics at the meeting were the successful projects from the last year and the new strategy for the 2019. Which have been the points that stand out?

CRV: The constant company’s evolution. This year we have developed new project types, traveled and developed projects in new destinations. Additionally the team has grown a lot, when I started we were just 7 employees, without counting the partners, nowadays we are 20.

JNA: The most standing out point is the eagerness that the hotel factory has to always improve and learn regarding recruitment, its consultants training, services portfolio and new work methodologies. And to accomplish this goal they take really seriously the proposals of all their team members.

And this is how far this short interview would cover. We could not farwell without congrat again our two new team leaders and invite all our readers to visit and know more about our team members at the hotel factory, visiting our tab Team or search us on LinkedIn where you could find us and the latest news of the hospitality sector.


the hotel factory Vision Tour III – Madrid 2019

2018 has come to an end and now it is time to look back and analyze everything that has happened during the last year; new customers, new destinations, innovations made in our projects and new additions to the team.

For this reason, Vision Tour was held for the third year in a row, this time in Madrid, one of the destinations with more tourism growth previsions for the forthcoming years, taking advantage of the most important tourism fair in Spain, FITUR 2019 and Wanderlust 2019 event organized by the hotel factory, Borbalán and Passion & Gastronomy; with CaixaBank as host.

During this outdoor interpersonal relationships were prioritized to improve teamwork skills, communication and the integration of the entire team in the knowledge of new strategies and changes in the company’s future.

Visit to the new office in Madrid.

The III Vision Tour 2019 was inaugurated by presenting the new Madrid office, located on Gran Vía, 59, to the Palma team. Due to the recent incorporations in the hotel factory, a presentation of the new members of the team was made where there was a first contact with the workmates.

Gymkhana in “Madrid de los Austrias”

After the presentations, one of the funniest activities of the day was held with the Gymkhana that Natalia Parejo, from Dreams & Adventures, organized for us to explore each of the corners of “Madrid de los Austrias”.

Competitiveness, strategy and effectiveness were some of the skills that were put into practice during this activity, and thanks to which all teams successfully beat much of the tests that were proposed. During the activity, the participants had to meet all kinds of challenges, from guessing the riddles that Madrid hides to making a Flash Mob in the Plaza Mayor, and all in the shortest possible time

Congratulations to the winning team, whose members were able to demonstrate their abilities with greater skill!


Lunch at the BiBo restaurant by Dani García

It is said that every effort has its reward, so after 3 hours of Gymkhana there was no better reward for all than enjoying a gastronomic experience in the BiBo restaurant managed by the famous Michelin star chef Dani García, who last year amazed us with his creations in Wanderlust event and which delighted us with a menu of seven exceptional dishes that did not leave anyone indifferent. There was also the award ceremony of the Gymkhana, which managed to sweeten the victory of the winning team with a rich assortment of Macarons from “La Mallorquina” pastry shop.

2018 Successes, 2019 Vision and strategic plan 2016-2020

During the afternoon, the partners made a presentation of the 2018 trajectory, reviewing the innovative projects in which they have participated, new clients and great successes of the year. Finishing the meeting with the explanation of the next steps to be followed in 2019 and let the consultants present their questions and concerns to the management team and encouraging the contributions of the same.

Visit and dinner at the Barceló Imagine hotel

There was no better way to close the day than to witness one of the projects with the greatest impact of the hotel factory, the first musical hotel in Madrid: Barceló Imagine .

The hotel management made a guided tour of the rooms and facilities of the hotel, where we could contemplate each of the musical attributes that it houses inside: the piano on the floor at the reception, the theming of each floor according to different music styles, the arrangement of musical instruments in the room, the vinyl record player at the request of the guest and even the thematization of the suites that tribute to great music stars. Thanks to its musical theme and the personalization of each of the rooms, the hotel makes the experience of each guest unique.

To end the visit, the hotel delighted us with a magnificent dinner in the restaurant, where the hotel factory continued the debate on the next steps and improvements for 2019 to accomplish factors such as the satisfaction of our customers, the reputation of the company and the teamwork remain at the top of the consulting standards.


In conclusion, it was an intense day and very entertaining for the team, but this was just the beginning of everything. The next day was the big premiere, as for the first time the whole team of the hotel factory visited the most important tourism fair held in Madrid and Spain, FITUR 2019. Stay tuned to our blog, because in the next post we tell you in detail everything lived and the main key findings obtained at the fair.